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Facility Mass Notifications

In How's Mom: Get alerted easily by the senior care center Your loved one's senior...

Five Star Feedback

In How's Mom Rate your loved one's facility Rate and share feedback with the senior...

View Health Details

In How's Mom: View loved one's latest health details Customers decide which health records to...

View Calendar Appointments

In How's Mom: View loved one's upcoming medical appointments When your facility uses the PointClickCare...

Get Answers to Common Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What is SafeKeeping?

SafeKeeping is a Family Communications Manager that puts your senior care center on the smartphones and tablets of resident's families.  Facilities login to the SafeKeeping portal to manage their communications and configure the platform. 

What is How's Mom?

How's Mom is the app that families download from the Apple or Google Play stores and install on any smartphone or device.  Families use How's Mom to monitor their loved one's health details, receive alerts and communicate with facility staff.

What EHR's do you work with?

SafeKeeping integrates to PointClickCare to access and present health records to senior care center residents and their families.  We are in process of integrating with other health records systems serving senior care, home health and the long term care industry.  Contact us to learn more!

How much does it cost?

SafeKeeping is always free to families.  Senior care centers license the SafeKeeping platform and enable families to communicate with their staff.

Where do I sign up for SafeKeeping?

Your facility can get started with a demo or free trial or initiate the process on the PointClickCare Marketplace (follow these instructions). 

Do you have a downloadable app?

Yes!  Starting in April 2020, you can download the How's Mom app from the Apple Store and the Google Play store.  Meanwhile, you can install our web-based application on any smartphone, tablet or computer following these instructions.

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The How's Mom app will be available on the Apple Store in April.  In the meantime, to add our app to your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:


Android Download

The How's Mom app will be available on the Google Play Store in April.  In the meantime, to add our app to your device, follow these steps:

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