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Getting Started How Does SafeKeeping Work?

Getting started with SafeKeeping is as easy as:

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    Activate our app in PCC

    Enable SafeKeeping in the PointClickCare marketplace.  See how.

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    Sign up, config & training

    We send you a BAA, go through your options and schedule your training

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    Launch in your facility

    Display our marketing materials in your building, & start sharing it with families.


What's In the Family Communicator Free tool?

Improve satisfaction with better family communications. Collect Family Five Star reviews to find areas to improve.

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    Mass Alerts to families via app notifcations & SMS texting

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    Up to 1000 free delivered SMS texts to family members every month

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    Anywhere web access

  • Green-Chart-01

    Family usage reporting


What's in SafeKeeping Insights?

Share clinical details with families and gain a deeper understanding of family satisfaction and usage.  

  • Purple-Hand-Phone-3-01

    Provide residents' health information to authorized family members

  • Purple-Events-01

    Share resident appointments with family

  • Purple-Messaging-01

    In-app messaging lets staff & families communicate anytime (avail. 7/20)

  • Purple-Five-Stars-01

    Family reviews in app to calculate Five Star rating & gather feedback

  • Purple-QA-01

    Run customer satisfaction surveys and compile survey results (avail. 7/20)

  • Green-Chart-01

    Gain insight into what health data is being accessed, when & how often

  • Green-Five-Stars-01

    Monitor trends & benchmark ★Family Five Star★ ratings (avail. 7/20)

  • Green-QA-01

    Evaluate survey results & benchmark your satisfaction ratings (avail. 7/20)

  • Green-Doctor-Messaging-01

    Manage auditable messaging archive for investigations (avail. 7/20)