Real time feedback for your Service Recovery Get Family Feedback and Ratings

Family Connection

Family Feedback

An effective service recovery strategy means your facility sees problems before they become too big, and quickly enough to respond and resolve issues.

  • Collect family reviews of your facility
  • Capture negative reviews privately and away from search engines
  • Benchmark your ★Family Five Star★ ratings against your competition.

Coming in Q4 2020, develop and send family satisfaction surveys - including CoreQ surveys - to all families using the How's Mom app. 


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Create Better Customer Experiences Transform Family Communications with the SafeKeeping Platform

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    The How's Mom™ app

    How's Mom helps families quickly adopt and create a self-service "always on" link with your center. Your families download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices.

  • PointClickCare-Partner

    PointClickCare Integration

    SafeKeeping automatically updates family and resident contacts from PCC, and also shares Personal Health Information (PHI) with families.

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    Family Connections Manager

    Family Connections Manager is a web-based management portal for your facility's staff to manage your family connections and create new insights into family interactions and satisfaction.

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    MatrixCare Integration

    SafeKeeping automatically updates family and resident contacts from MatrixCare through our integration.