Family Communicator (free COVID-19 edition)

With the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak isolating senior care residents from their families, SafeKeeping has developed a new, free version to give senior care centers a family communication resource.

Family Connection

Access to PointClickCare data

  • Provide residents' health information to authorized family members
  • Through June 30 during the COVID-19 outbreak, PointClickCare is providing free access to current medication lists and vitals including pain, temperature, blood pressure, weight, blood oximetry and heart rate
  • Your center can configure which health data to share with authorized family members to avoid unnecessary calls
Family Connection

Mass Broadcast Alerts

  • Alert families of policy changes, emergencies, outbreaks, evacuations or other important facility events quickly and easily
  • Messages are sent through SMS text or emails to the contact provided by the primary family member when they sign up for Family Communicator
  • The free COVID-19 edition provides your facility with up to 1000 delivered SMS texts per month, at no cost - more than enough to stay in touch

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    PointClickCare integration

    PointClickCare is making resident health care data available to families at no cost for 90 days during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. 

  • Anywhere Web Access

    Families can access their loved one's health data on any secure browser on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Up to 1000 Free Texts

    SafeKeeping is proving up to 1000 delivered SMS texts per month at no cost to the facility or family

  • HIPAA Compliant & Secure

    Your facility obtains consent and invites authorized family members to see their loved one's health data.  SafeKeeping is an authorized integration partner of PointClickCare fully compliant with data security requirements.

Mass alerts are sent to family via SMS text or email

Mass alerts are sent to family via SMS text or email

View additional family members and support information

View additional family members and support information

See resident's latest health details

See resident's latest health details

See resident's current medications

See resident's current medications

Return home to see more information

Return home to see more information

Implementation in 3 Easy Steps


Initiate SafeKeeping Integration

SafeKeeping must be enabled inside PointClickCare by an authorized user. The requester selects which facilities to turn on and completes an Activation request. Usually the request is completed within 5 days, at which point data will start flowing to SafeKeeping. See more details at Activation Steps


Setup SafeKeeping

To give your families the free Family Communicator, complete these steps with SafeKeeping: 

  • Complete a BAA and Terms of Use agreement
  • Configure data sharing permissions
  • Train staff from each center to add family members to SafeKeeping

Invite family members to join

Facility staff invite the primary family member by text or email to join Family Communicator.
After verifying the resident, their family member can stay up-to-date with their loved one's health records and receive messages and notifications from your senior care facility.