Your Facility Has Complete Control

Manage & Enable Your Family Interactions

Share Meds, Vitals & More with Family

Facility staff use SafeKeeping's Connections Dashboard to manage their family interactions and synchronize family contacts through our EHR integrations.

  • Each facility decides which health records to make available.
  • Share active medications, recent vitals including temperature, blood sugar, weight, and more, conditions and nutrition orders



Schedule Family Visits & Meetings

Setup family visits and meetings easily while managing the controls and limits needed to keep residents and staff safe.

  • Families can self-schedule visits in the How's Mom app.
  • Facilities can control how many visitors at a time, and length of visits.
  • Centrally manage your family visit and meetings calendar
  • Integrate with your EHR calendar to coordinate schedules and increase awareness.



Monitor Family Usage & Feedback

Staff invite family contacts to use the How's Mom app and enjoy the provided connections.

  • Keep track of new family contacts and invitations
  • Evaluate user adoption trends and communicate to family to increase their use



Collect Family Ratings & Feedback

An effective service recovery strategy means your facility sees problems before they become too big, and quickly enough to respond and resolve issues.

  • Collect family reviews of your facility
  • Capture negative reviews privately and away from search engines
  • Benchmark your ★Family Five Star★ ratings against your competition.

Facility Directory

Provide your families with detailed contact information so they can reach the right person for the right reason.

  • Share private phone or email addresses for families only
  • Publish links to key resources for families
  • Information is only accessible to families invited to the How's Mom app.