About SafeKeeping

SafeKeeping's mission is to connect families with senior care centers to improve communications and create new insights into family interactions.

Our senior care customers create better customer experiences and improve quality of care through more efficient and personal family connections.

SafeKeeping founders Matt Prasek and Doug Wilcox recognized the need for family communications through their experiences as POA's for loved ones in senior care facilities.

Matt and Doug recognized that gaining access to basic health information was frustrating and time-consuming for both clinicians and families and founded SafeKeeping to enable better health outcomes and improve the care experience by making health information more visible and actionable.


Doug Wilcox


Doug is a veteran healthcare sales and marketing executive with experience across startups, early stage companies and Fortune 500 organizations.

Doug's experience as POA for a beloved family member inspires his efforts to help facilities and families.


Matt Prasek


Matt founded SafeKeeping in 2015 to build a company out of his Ball State entrepreneurship plan awarded Best New Venture.

Matt was inspired from is experience with skilled nursing during his grandfathers long term stay.


Don Feige


Don joins SafeKeeping after founding, growing and exiting ezPBJ, a senior care compliance software. 

Don leads marketing and sales efforts, and has worked with thousands of senior care centers to help caregivers free up time to care for residents.