Why We Do This

About SafeKeeping


SafeKeeping's mission is to help our senior care accounts improve family interactions and create better customer experiences.


Why SafeKeeping?

From a Long-Term POA

I spent many months driving 2 hours back and forth to my mother's care center just to keep tabs on her vitals and get basic updates.  I often arranged my visits to time a meeting with the right doctor, to ask the right question, and to get info about medications and upcoming appointments.

I lived the difficulties and felt the stress present at both the facility and family ends of these communications.  Luckily, I stumbled upon Matt Prasek - who was implementing SafeKeeping at my mother’s facility.

In short order, I experienced first-hand the benefits of the platform, and signed on to help Matt build our company beyond its Indiana roots.


Doug Wilcox, CEO

Why SafeKeeping?

A Grandson's Experience

My grandfather suffered a serious injury while I was in college, and I spent countless hours at his nursing home, working with his caregivers.  As a student I felt bad constantly badgering facility staff for updates and more information.

I'm always looking for a "better way" and started researching senior care communication tools for my entrepreneurship class.  My senior project was named Best New Venture at Ball State, and I started SafeKeeping shortly thereafter.

Since much of what I sought to do didn't exist, we've had to open many doors to create the platform you can experience today. Its been a rewarding effort to bring connections to families living what I went through.


Matt Prasek, CPO


Why SafeKeeping?

Making Connections

Doug and I had worked together many, many years ago, and we re-connected while I was running ezPBJ, a quality and compliance software for skilled nursing facilities.  After founding, growing and exiting ezPBJ, I saw how my customers could use a solution like SafeKeeping, and joined the team.

Not long after, my aunt and mother both moved to assisted living centers and a pandemic started.  Connecting families worried and stressed about their loved ones isolated in senior care isn't just a job for us, its a purpose.


Don Feige, CRO