What is Safekeeping?

Safekeeping helps families monitor the health and wellness of their loved ones in medical facilities including, but not limited to, long-term care (LTC), assisted living, memory care, hospice, and home health. By integrating with electronic medical records (EMRs), Safekeeping securely delivers patient data to designated family members’ computers and mobile devices, bridging the gap in communication between medical facilities and patient’s families. Because Safekeeping pulls existing EMR data, it doesn’t create any additional work for LTC staff and family members can be sure they are receiving accurate information about their loved ones. Safekeeping creates a better long-term care experience for families, their elderly loved ones, and your staff.


Safekeeping ensures that the family members of patients feel confident that their loved ones are receiving proper care while allowing facilities and doctors to care for patients without distractions. The app simply allows everyone concerned with the care of the patient to stay connected. Benefits include:

Safekeeping was founded on the premise of creating a better patient experience. Study after study finds that LTC patients' quality of life greatly benefits from family involvement.By providing family members with health and lifestyle information, patients feel more connected to their loved ones. Patients who use cell phones and/or computers will have access to Safekeeping and will be able to communicate, schedule visits, and send pictures right inside the app for all of their loved ones to see.
For facilities

•Feeling of trust and transparency between family members and care facility

•Competitive advantage that only a few other facilities can provide

•Compliance solution to state and federal regulatory requirements regarding communications with family members

•Boost retention and referrals

For doctors

•More time to focus on medical attention rather than answering phone calls from concerned family members

•Happier patients due to increased family involvement

For family members

•Access to pertinent information regarding their loved ones health and lifestyle

•Communication with caregivers and other family members

•Feeling of connectedness to loved one

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We want to bridge the gap in communication between medical facilities and family members of patients. Set up an appointment today to learn more about what Safekeeping can do for your facility.

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Meet our team
Noah Rahimzadeh
& Matt Prasek

Noah Rahimzadeh and Matt Prasek were partners in the Entrepreneurial Management program at Ball State University before co-founding Safekeeping, LLC. Matt first developed the idea of Safekeeping when his experience with long-term care facilities allowed him to witness first-hand how difficult it can be to communicated with busy doctors/nurses about the well being of a loved one. Matt asked Noah to partner with him for their senior project due to Noah’s similar experiences with nursing homes and his talent in business strategy.

The duo won Best New Venture through the Entrepreneurship program at BSU as well as Ball State’s version of the TV show “Shark Tank”. This success validated the need for a service akin to Safekeeping and granted additional start-up capital to the business. Noah and Matt are extremely excited to develop their company and better the lives of long-term care staff, family members of LTC patients and, most importantly, the LTC patients themselves.

Safekeeping and Sticksnleaves have proven to be a great team!  As the technical co-founder, Sticksnleaves has lead Safekeeping  through a product development study that clarified the needs of patient, the caregiver and the nursing care facility.  That research served as the foundation for the design and development of the Safekeeping MVP.  Sticksnleaves has served as a coach, cheerleader and technical advisor from concept to website.  We are so excited to grow our relationships with nursing care facilities throughout the US. Noah and Matt are extremely excited to develop their company and better the lives of medical staff, family members of patients, and patients themselves